Promotion to NeXt

Hi, I got #1 for the gold leaderboards for the month of January 2018, may I know why I am not promoted into NeXt? [update] I read the other forum posts and understand that it is just a process of time and verifications, so may I know by when will i get promoted?

@shaan7 @akS

Hello @ulzzang,

As you might have noticed in our announcements a couple of weeks back, we are halting all promotions to Next for the time being and keeping it invite only. We will resume with promotions from Leaderboards once we have a new system of promotion in place.


Really? I could not find any announcements. If I had known then I would not have grinded so much for nothing. Seems unfair I was late by just a month seeing how in December all the 3 gold users got promoted in SEA region. [update] i’ve spent the last 30 mins searching the forums and announcements section but could not find any such notice. if i could possibly dispute this supposed hiccup then i would say it would only be fair and just to promote as the SoStronk “how does this work” page still says in black and white that the top 3 of gold league would get promoted. i hope you understand where i am coming from. look forward to hearing back from you.

We will have further discussion on this and let you know.

Guess you might have missed this post

I get where you’re coming from and we will be discussing this internally.

thanks for the consideration guys. [update] i think NeXt is the best platform for me to improve and play against the best in the region. If i can take my game to the next level I might get noticed and be taken into a team as well. look forward to hearing the news! have a nice day

hi guys. any updates so far?