Problem with the EAC


Hello SoStronk,
After your recent update about the anti-cheat i am facing issues to play on sostronk servers.
I get automatically kicked because my anti-cheat was off,but while installing the app i had installed anti-cheat.
I tried to reinstall the app but it doesn,t work
look that the following images
1st image is while i login the app

2nd image is the error with anti-cheat<img \src="/uploads/sostronk/original/2X/e/e923bc7aedcfd1362e80bd050285612834afdc65.png" width=“286” height=“74”>
Please help me so that i would be able to again play on your servers.
Thanks You.


Please see EAC Issue Megathread


I have seen to it but even after installing the hotflix the same error appears "STARTSERVICE FAILED"
Please help me with this,because I am not able to play on your servers from last 13 days :frowning:


The StartService failed error is very general meaning that something on your Windows installation is failing to launch a Windows Service (EAC installs itself as a Windows service). Unfortunately finding the exact cause is difficult, for different people its a different reason and hence a different solution. One guy had to completely reinstall Windows to fix this EAC Error Solved Ez Ez Ez Ez


@shaan7 hello I am again writing because after your recent update i am again able to play on your servers it again says error loading Anitcheat(startService failed 31)
for reference see the below image
I have tried to everything available solution in your thread EAC Issue Megathread but it doesn’t work.Please try to see to find a solution and release an update soon.
Will be waiting for your reply
Thank You.


When did it start happening? We haven’t changed anything related to EAC in a long time (plus the last update was on Thursday).

(EDIT: We had enabled mandatory EAC on 1st June, were you able to play after that?)


It started happening from last update.
No i am not able to join any server after that update


That means your EAC never worked. Unfortunately there is no single solution for the error code 31, it varies from person to person. I’ve heard some people getting it to work by disabling antivirus*, by running an antirootkit solution like . Some people had to even take the drastic measure of reinstalling Windows.

  • in which case you should let us know and we will forward that info to EAC developers


By using malwarebytes by EAC started working
Thank You for your help :D:D:D:D:D