Premade Lobby With Me - Worst Experience


So I was doing solo queue and met with 4 guys all of them from West Bengal, Using any 3rd party VOIP and sometime they were using In-game chat. So, Throughout the CT side they were saying i am baiting them for kills but the reality was something else.

This is the PUG:
Player Profiles:

When we went into T Side, They started abusing and ignoring me and When i asked for drop they didn’t helped me in anyway through out the T side. This isn’t how a team works? If you guys are in a lobby they should have responsibility to speak in English as i can’t understand their regional language.

Other than that, you can simply watch the whole demo and through out the CT side i gave them calls but they still called me Baiter and whereas no one of them were giving any calls. What a stupid way to torture a solo queue guy. Please look on this matter and I wish they will learn something from this.

Thanking you,.

  • Avi Thour

We are making a small change soon that will reduce the frequency of 4 man or 5 man pre-made lobbies. Stay tuned :grinning:

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