Poor greifing ban

I m a newcomer and am trying to learn and improve my game but when ever I play i get either pro’s or hackers in my team On sostronk… They are soo toxic that they ruin my game and I cannot focus on it… I recently got ban for greifing bcuz they keep me reporting again and again just bcuz m noob… Please do watch my demos and observe that m not greifing… Please fix your matchmaking and give players who are as equal as me in my team…


Note that you can also give them negative karma if you are confident that you are not intentionally causing any problems in the rounds.

Kindly talk to the review team on #grief-reports channel on Discord. There’s lot of load on the team so we can’t guarantee that each and every case will be reviewed, but we try our best.

Our system is designed to give perfect matchups as long as there are players of your rank available in the queue. It starts with only considering similar ranks as you but if it can’t find 9 other players in that criteria, it will slowly relax the criteria.
We have plans to add an option where players can opt for strictly balanced matches so that the system can try to wait for similar players for 30 mins to an hour (which the player can configure).