Poll: Delhi/Chennai data center


The first location for SoStronk was Bangalore. The choice was obvious because the dev team is based out of Bangalore, so we wanted immediate access to servers while in development. The second location we are expanding to is Mumbai (which should be coming live in a bit).

The purpose of this poll is to decide whether we need a Delhi/Chennai location. So gamers, help us decide.

  • Delhi
  • Chennai

While Delhi will help us cater to North India, Chennai will also serve as a hub for other South East Asian countries.


Delhi definitely.

South East Asia may prefer Singapore for servers because of the vicinity (low pings) and more reliable infrastructure. Delhi region already has official Valve servers and ESEA. There are already many people playing, and looking for more options to try out good 128-tick servers.


Delhi for life … the matchmaking servers are also situated in delhi so there might be some advantage


Delhi plz …already there are mumbai and bangalore for south … I guess north india is more imp because south east asian counties can play on bangalore svrs instead of chennai not much difference


Hello VuNaMi,

Is there any possibility of addition of servers in Kolkata? I agree Delhi has a bigger community than Kolkata, but still we have a lot of active CS:GO players here in Kolkata. I can invite my friends to the server and promote SoStronk servers for you guys.


Chennai Please ! Even the MM Servers are in Delhi… We Need Some Here :confused:


The state of MM servers in Delhi is horrible anyway, so that is pretty much out of the context of the discussion. I get stable 50-70 ping on the current servers, would love to experience an under 15 ping. Delhi please. :grin:


Which data centers do you have in mind? Its more about the datacenter facility / availability than the location.


We have debated about this many times internally. Right now we are investing in servers in Mumbai / Bangalore. We could put up a server in Delhi as well but provided it is a net positive for the SoStronk community.


I’d say Chennai because the already existing MM servers in Delhi are pathetic as they give a high loss rate and a high variance rate as well. I get it the data centers and the ISPs matter but as we all know, the South have better ISPs, namely: ACT, TIC etc.

I’d vote for Chennai.


Doesn’t Chennai already get < 10 ms pings to Bangalore?


DELHI , as south indians have mumbai and banglore servers to play on at low ping we get high pings on south indian servers