Plz help me guys my name is mousetracker.teletuby

mmene kabhi hack nahi kia hai so stronk pe fir bhi banned for cheating sstk pe naam mera proness hai help me plz me 3rd no pe tha sstk pe silver leaderboard me plz help me unban ask any1 in sstk i m not hacker

admins this guy aint a hacker … unban him

YES…!! He is not a HACKER… i know him personally… he never cheated…never used any cheat or any type of hacks while playing on sostronk… unban him plzz…

he is not a hacker. never cheated nor used hacks . unban him .

He is not hacking. I have played several matches with him , he is clean plz unban him.

Yes admins he aint a hacker ! we all know him.he is clean!

i apologize for screening but i was not hacking that match usme mera lanny opposite me tha Asdf12 uska posi dek ke mar rha tha bas and nothing else agli baar nahi karunga waisa help me unban admins ek baar fir dekho asdf ko me bolra tha posi batane plz ek chance dedo

He is clean admin… not hacker…

Mousetracker.teletuby is a old hacker 100 %. Keep banning such mofos.

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You are banned for cheating and here, you admit to cheating yourself while asking for the account to get unbanned.
How dumb can you be, mate?
Asking your cafe guys to spam the support thread will not help :slight_smile:

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please DON’T UNBAN him . he is a griefer as well . he whines , tashtalks , gives posi of teammates in open chat . I can show you the proof . please fucking ban him forever .

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lol talk about mixed reviews xD

are dodo noob fuck 1st off all sostronk me anti cheat nahi hai samjha to sostronk ke jo overwatcher hai wo decide karenge who is waller and hacker? they are also humans and 2nd thing me screening karra tha cache me jiske wajah se unko laga i m walling and they banned me ok aur fb pe post karke hero nahi banega tu lan pe milega waise hi chodunga jaise tujhe sstk pe choda tha wo bhi cobble me

It doesnt matter if u were walling or screening both are considered as cheating n gives u unfair advantage, u have a cheating ban, it does not say that u was using 3rd party programs it says that u were cheating which u were. No one said that u were a hacker even tho u used to cheat a long time back but u stopped. :slight_smile:

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AFAIR you were a hacker and used to sell hacks as well long time back.
Probably in 2015 and 2016 and once a cheater always a cheater