Pls refund laggy server unplayable


Hi, in every server i am lagging severely which is unplayable, please can you refund by any chance?
I subscribed to raise the ping, but in vain.


Hi, although our refund policy is of no refunds, I see that you subscribed just yesterday so we can consider it.
However, before we go there can you help us with these-

  • Which location did you play?
  • Was the server lagging for everyone or just you?
  • What ping were you getting in the server?
  • What is your upload speed?


Location: Silchar, Assam, India
2. Lagging only for me
3. Minimum ping 120, spikes upto 500
4. Upload speed is 4mbps (jio)

I know its my own fault, but if u consider refund, i would be very grateful.


Thanks for providing the details. I’m not surprised by what you reported given that you’re using a cellular connection. 128tick CS:GO isn’t very stable on such connections.
I’ve processed your refund, you’ll get it in few hours. We look forward to seeing you again whenever your connectivity issues are resolved :slight_smile:


Update: You should have received the refund now.