Please remove my cd



I play with ShadowA nick. I recently got a Cooldown for 2 hours as I was unable to join a game after accepting. I didn’t do it on purpose but I have voltage flicker problem in my area. Even after having a 3 Battery UPS, the voltage trips and my PC is forced to restart every time it flickers. Then Steam takes time to load and I was not able to join in time. It was not on purpose thing or something I didn’t do deliberately. I have this restart problem, 4-5 times a day and I am helpless but this doesn’t mean that I should stop playing.

Request you to please remove the Cooldown from my ID which is ‘ShadowA’. I hope you understand my problem and I look forward to playing ASAP as I have my team coming in 30-40 mins to practice.


Sitesh aka ShadowA


thanks for not replying. Now i understand that this request is not even considered. Waste of my time putting the problem in words. Wont be recharging my account on SoStronk.


I’d say you see the future but you clearly don’t, as this is a reply. You can’t just post an expect that someone can reply to you immediately. It can take few hours to a few days, depending on the volume oi support requests.

Now, coming to the actual request, note that we understand that sometimes power cuts, Internet shitiness can cause people to abandon. That is exactly why cooldowns start at just 30 minutes. Only if it is repeat offense that you will get a higher level of cooldowns.

Note that PUG cooldowns will not stop you from playing other modes such as Scrims, Practice and Tournament Matches with your teammates.


I understand this and that’s why i have requested as its a flicker problem plus power cut in my area. I have a UPS but even it has limits. Now, i again, i got disconnected in the last few rounds of my match. I was playing with my nephew SmokeA and we both got a CD as we are playing from the same house.
Its a 12 hours CD and i would request you again, if you can please consider this and remove my CD. The power came back in 8-10 mins but by that time, we had our CD.

I look forward to playing it as soon as my CD is removed.

Thanks for your help and understanding !