Please look into the chennai servers for PUGS

I am not sure about the masses , but most of the sostronk player base i am connected with have a unanimous hatred towards the chennai sostronk servers . They perform far below the sostronk standards and underperform during vital points of the game. Please get a new data center or change the base of opreation.

link of a match where this issue is glaringly shown -

Woah I mean Chennai servers are that bad? 7 people came and went? was it due to connectivity issues or just not in mood to play type of thing?

We are concerned about this but struggling to get people to explain what exactly is wrong. I have been in PUGs in Chennai where 2-3 folks are complaining about loss while everything’s fine for me. Its even more puzzling because the server hardware on Chennai is more powerful than the one in Mumbai.

Given that you experienced this, can you elaborate on what exactly went wrong? That’ll help us understand the issue.

I have an update on this. Logs report server var on Chennai during tournament matches that were happening in the location. Recently CS:GO has started causing CPU spikes with our Match mode (on all locations, not just Chennai) and we are looking into it. Once this is fixed, I expect issues with PUGs to go down as well.