Please let us choose what server we want to play on while finding a match


Honestly, I was having fun with SoStronk before I got a match in a Mumbai server, SoStronk had tons of cool features (sleek client interface, statistics end the end of every match, app form for desktop) just to name a few. However, this small problem has let me to hate SoStronk with a passion. I’m from Singapore, so why the fuck am I able to find a match in Mumbai? (300+ ping constant). I mean even Hong Kong servers are better then this shit. I know the SoStronk player base is small but seriously? This is ruining my experience with SoStronk and I definitely would not play on SoStronk anymore till this is fixed.


Hmm this is not intended, our matchmaking is not supposed to give you any server more than 100ms. I checked and as you said your Mumbai ping was 298ms when you were matched up. (I’m taking this as an example

I’m checking why exactly the algorithm screwed up and will fix it, thanks for the report :slight_smile: