Please fix your faulty 'Play' match making. Got a CD without getting a match


Last time i had specifically asked the admin to remove my CD as it was your fault. Same thing happened again now i have a 12 hour CD, r u going to fix this?


I also gave a step-by-step of what had happened. No point of a support system if you arent going to provide any support now is there?


What makes you think that? Please point me to a thread/support ticket to which you did not get a reply.


i dint see your reply on the other thread…it was about the reduction is cooldown…sorry :slight_smile:


I understand the frustration with bugs, even we hate them, but sometimes it takes time to fix stuff. Just because we’re taking time to fix a bug doesn’t mean that support isn’t there :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: i understand your position too…like u said was frustrated…thanks for the support