Please analyse this statistic someone


This tracert is of indian Valve server. See the ping is getting increased after the 5th hop and the IP after which it is getting higher is some Private IP

This tracert is of Valve server Singapore it is having good Routing

and this is of a sostronk IP of mumbai server

please tell me why this happens if someone here with good knowledge of routing and stuffs please explain it to me in technical terms so i can tell it to my ISP so i wolud be able to approach to my ISP in a proper manner


You’ve correctly analyzed the traceroute, that is exactly what is happening. You need to take that screenshot to your ISP and ask them if they can fix it.


the thing is that brother that i showed them all these, and they be like we have to come to Pune to check all these, and trying to neglect the issue can you give me some Link to some tutorials in which it teaches how to do Routing to the IPs from and to the server so i can tell them all these in a technical form

Help will be appriciated than you


Sometimes its not just technical. There can be two reasons - 1. They have configured the routing incorrectly 2. The route that actually will give better routing includes another ISP with which they don’t have an “interconnect” (for which they need to pay).

If its 1, they already know “how” to do it, but from what you say it looks like they just don’t care about gaming quality. If its 2, they won’t do it because it’ll be too expensive for them.


Thank You


according to me they don have the interconnect issue because see the third picture it is routing to in a proper manner and see the 5th hop is from a Private IP of

and further more i would like to learn how do the ISP does the routing stuff . If u can give me some link where i can read or see video to know this


Well I’m not sure if there’s a “For beginners” video for that, ISPs usually use a combination of plain 'ol configuring manual routes and also BGP