Player not doing .r and not allowing others to play

Please have a look on this screenshot. If you want other screenshots can also be provided.
This guy is not doing .r
after every 3 minutes he retries and join the sv again
Its been 15 minutes and he is not letting anyone to play on the sv.


another image.

Please give us an option to kick in warmup also .


I don’t think kicking in warmup is a good option , it will cause lots of havoc and hate between players in the community.

I would suggest some other thing like if he was the last person, he has a 10 second timer or something like that, if he doesn’t ready up, he will get kicked automatically.



what he was doing was.

He joins the server
waste the ready up time ( around 4 min )

Goes to console and type retry

again joins the sv ( as he is retrying any other person cannot join the sv )

Joins the sv again with ready up time of again 4 minutes.

That is what it is annoying for other people.

Sorry to say, but you guys have to try to find a solution for this.


This is an issue we are aware of. Finding a fix will require a bit of brainstorming and might take a while, but rest assured we are working on it. However, do keep reporting the griefers.