Planning the first SoStronk Tournament


So, the first SoStronk tournament is in the works.

A few things which we are certain about:

  • Prize money (> $2000)
  • Limited to Indian teams
  • Free for all (no registration fee, this will change for the second tournament)
  • Server locations: Bangalore, Mumbai, looking for ideas!

We want to have this tournament to be all about the gamers. And we are going to have this on a monthly basis. So, I want to ensure that we take feedback from gamers into consideration when planning this out.

So if you have some great ideas that should be heard, this is the chance!



so when is it going to take place?


Tentatively end of April/May but not sure.


All suggestions are welcome.

Such things like

  • We want better statistics - KDA/Entry Frags/Entry Frag Ratio, any statistics suggestions are appreciated
  • We want more locations (Delhi also?)
  • Skins giveaways for top statistical performers?
  • Highlights, instant replays?


You should host a server in delhi also because for north Indians Mumbai and Bangalore are too far.


do we have to come in that city for the tournament ?? if so … adress pl0x…