Ping Spike in pug, scrim and dm servers


Hello Sostronk,
I have been facing sudden ping spikes while playing on Bangalore and Mumbai servers(pug, scrim and dm). The ping is normally 40-50 ms but after every minute the ping suddenly spikes to 600 ms and stays so for few seconds and again becomes normal. This keeps on happening during scrim, pug and dm. Everyone using my ISP face this issue. However my ping never spikes in Official Valve matchmaking and DM servers or any other server in that context. I have contacted my isp and they are sure that the problem is not on their side. Tomorrow we have a tournament game of KOTH and I dont know what to do.
WinMTR report of Mumbai DM Server


Hmm, there are few things you can check here-

  1. Check for your upload speed. A slow upload speed can explain spikes, we recommend at least <1Mbps.
  2. If that is fine, let WinMTR run for a longer duration so that the spike happens (it will show in the “Worst” column). Once it shows at what path in the routing the problem is, we can send it to the correct ISP to fix.



My friends using the same isp as me, face ping spike at the same time


Hmm, given that everyone else had their pings perfectly fine, and only people on your particular ISP had problem, there is little we can do from our datacenter to fix it :confused:
I see you’re having some loss as well, did you check your upload speed on ?