Ping spike for low bandwidth users

hello there ! there are many of us which belong to 25% out of 100% of sostronk users who lag because of our low speed.
there is no lping spike for us on indian mm servers
when it comes to sostronk we get continous ping spike of abt 1k+ ping lol
at the very starting of sostrnk this wasnt an issue
every thing went smooth with all bandwidth users :smiley:
we knw that ur database has been updated and all that stuff
bt its a request to look after us ( low bandwidhth users we have 512kbps speed)
any update with ur sostrnk will make our play

Hi, nothing on the servers related to network requirements have changed since day1. We have always recommended atleast 1Mbps upload to play on our 128 tick servers (512kbps might work sometimes, but with random lag as you have described). Valve MM which is 64tick requires much less bandwidth than SoStronk 128 tick servers.