Ping changed in game but stays normal in app



I get 30 ping in sstk score board… when map loads it dosent spike to 200-500 but when i fully join the sv it spikes to 500 and gives me 20-30 losses and chokes too…
i get 80 ping in valve indian sv with no loss…


Whats your upload speed? Can you post a screenshot?


here it is <3


As I guessed, your upload speed is too low to play on 128 tick servers, we recommend at least 1Mbps upload (and download) to play on our 128 tick servers (some people get it working with 512kbps as well, but not 100% sure)

Valve servers are 64tick which need lesser bandwidth.


its getting high from past 1-2 months before it was fine and i used to get 20 ping in sstk svs…
and other community 128 tic svs also gives me atleast 50 ping


Maybe your upload speed was fine and it reduced recently? I really don’t think you can get good ping in any 128tick sv at 180Kbps


i didnt change my broadband plan from years ;-; i dont know what the problem is so i consulted here -_-


I mean your ISP did, Indian ISPs don’t usually care about what upload speed you get (yes, even in 2016)


but even now i get 100-120 ping in faceit servers… guess its also 128 tick ?