People dodging matches intentionally with a exploit from sstk system of play pugs


There is a very big exploit to dodge sstk play pug matches if your opponents is stacked with very good players…all you have to do is wait for the time remaining for player to connect is near 20 secs and then connect…wat is does is it shows ur connect to the server but the match doesnt start as the match itself takes 40 secs to start…wat i mean is since he connected when 20 secs rem and the match takes 40 secs to start so the match will fail to start and you will also not have any cooldown…so i see some players who are in lobby tells their last player to do this if their opponents is stacked…ADMINS PLZ UPDATE UR PLAY PUG SYSTEM this is a big expolit to doge matches for you ir!!!




We are aware of this bug. However, it was only known to be a minor inconvenience, we did not think that it can be misused like this. We have increased the priority of this bug and will be fixed asap.

Thanks the the report!



i wasnt aware of this too…until a guy named JLT who plays with pain and forkenn was doing this repeatedly to dodge the matches and as a result i could get the 2nd game…so i went in to spec the 2nd game and i saw that he didnt get Cooldown adn was playing which kinda pissed me off!!!



@JLT ^ tsk tsk



Many people have started doing this…just now waited for 40 mns to get a game…got the game…and the last guy dodged by doing this bug coz opponents was stacked with good players and now i didnt get he 2nd game…plz fix this bug asap…can never compete for leaderboard as a solo player now!!!You guys allwed 5 players to be in a lobby for play pug i accepted that and now this…its like only players who play with very good players in lobby will only win…and no one else will get a chance who use paly pug…its btr you make play pugs 5 man only search…coz we always find stacks who end up winning :(((((



@shaan7 @Xpac ROFL, i am the one who reported this bug and you are telling me i used to dodge matches, sounds funny because i unintentionally used the bug as my pc crashed and when i joined was too late, this literally happened with me once since the bug is there, show me if i did this in any capacity more than once(the one occassion where i admit that too wasnt intentional), prove it and all my points are yours. and i even told this to shaan when he was fixing this, that the bug is still there because match didnt start even i joined.



@shaan7 @Xpac here is the proof of me accepting that i unintentionally did it

I hate such bugs and never support it, and will never abuse the system, so please ask and see both sides before passing judgement.



Also, this has been fixed since yesterday :slight_smile: Please let us know if you see it happening even now.