Pending order-16days

Placed order on 31st January.
Haven’t gotten my skins till now.
It’s the 17th day now. Kindly solve this issue pls.
Order no:#4804789989015552

Edit : @Fett1 19th day now
Edit 2 : @shaan7 @Petrichor 21 days and still not received…expected better. Atleast reply guys :expressionless:

same here. Placed an order on 10th Feb the message said it would take 10 to 14 days it passed that time frame. When can I expect it?

@FeTT ^ pls2check

same bro 26 days and pending

Hi @Whitehorse @Ethoricien

We are having higher number of orders than usual and hence processing is delayed. We will be fulfilling the orders ASAP. However, given that we have crossed our delivery date, refunds are allowed if you’d wish so.

Wouldn’t want a refund but would like to get the skin. Its been taking forever @shaan7

Its been over a month now…

Hello?? 2months+ and still not received

err, thanks for the follow up, gotta check whats wrong. Gimme some time to check with @FeTT

Hello KnightRider,

There is an issue with your inventory that prevents us from being able to send you a trade request.

Please address the issues described in the email titled "Incorrect Trade URL or Steam Privacy Settings
" sent to your registered email address on April 11.

Once you have addressed the issues and your profile is eligible to receive offers, we will send you a request for the skins within 3 weeks.

I’ve fixed the issue and made my inventory public.

@Armageddon Can you pls send the skins ASAP

Hi @_KnightRider

We will be able to fulfill your order in the next batch of skins that we will receive. While I has been a very long time since your order, the Trade URL being invalid for a long time caused issues that we weren’t prepared to handle.

Now there are no issues. Fast pls @shaan7 :expressionless: