Pay to play now?


Why is sostronk trying hard to make us pay to play? From the past few days it always says PUG only available for subscribers. WOW


Yes because, if you’ve noticed, we are having capacity issues with our infrastructure. To make sure we are running smoothly, we have limited PUGs to Subscribers only.

Can't play PUGS

So when will pugs be available to free users too? It’s been like 3-4 days since I last played a pug. Work on this please.


We don’t have an ETA yet because the issues are not directly under our control.


Wow so sostronk does not care about the community now they just want to make money now.At least try and bring pugs back for us non subscribers


Well the other option was to shut down the servers completely to control the situation. You tell me which option was better :slight_smile:
Btw, pointing this out because a lot of people don’t know this - India is one the most expensive countries to run servers in.

Free PUGs will be back (although it might be different than before), just that we don’t have an ETA yet.