Patch this accept bug

today after finishing of our match after 10.30 we kept searchin 5 men for like 2 hours, sometimes the accept wud come den one of our lobby member wud fail to accept smtimes one of the opp wud fail , smtimes if every1 wud accept server wudnt create and smtimes even after server gets created the join button wud disappear it kept happening for a solid 2 hours, after that we had to accept our defeat n quit this app.
i heard from sm1 that this error will be patched in 2 days 10 days ago.
I have 1 question
what does this app do?
is this what we are paying for?

It is a known issue which happens during peak activity hours. We have been working on it for over a week now and failure rates are now down to 20% (we started with around 60% on 28th March). We are still working on optimizing that so that error rates are near zero. This is the reason we have not released our ranks system which has been ready for quite some time. We want to iron out issues like these first.

However, do note that players not accepting is not a bug - a game will not be launched unless ALL 10 players accept.

The SoStronk app provides you an easy access to our CS:GO services - you can PLAY PUGs, Scrims, Practice with your mates or create a custom 10-man lobby.

You can go to to see what benefits you get as a paying subscriber.

player not accepting is actually a bug buddy ask ne1 who plays regularly the accepts button keeps penduluming left and right around accept but wont actually accept sometimes it does sometimes it dosnt u can never be certain. it takes atleast 5 tries before we get a match in full 5 men lobby most of the time.

What I mean to say is that some times there can be people who didn’t accept (AFK etc).

That sounds bad, probably the network call from the app is not reaching our servers properly (can be variety of reasons - flaky Internet etc). Next time when it happens can you immediately hit the “HELP” button on the app and submit a report? That way we will get a log and we can find out why Accept didn’t work.