Pakistani CSGO teams getting 150+ pings in ESL india (Bangalore , Mumbai servers) why?


Yesterday my team was in mumbai server practice for our match then just before the first tournament match ping boosted from 40 to 150.

Is their any solution or Sostronk just wants the Pakistani teams to stay away? .


What are your pings to Bangalore and Mumbai? Pings to any server depends on a lot of network factors, including multiple ISPs so the problem can be virtually anywhere. You can use WinMTR to find out where your ping is going high High ping? Loss? Find out where the problem is

Believe me, we’ve got better things to do.


We have always welcomed teams from all countries . If you want to make this a political issue please go elsewhere.


Sometimes if luck has it your routing might favour you in Singapore instead of India. You can always try that if Routing to India bums out.