Order Recieved << But missing Few items ="(

Thank you so much Mr. @Petrichor

but the order number ( #5154282881417216 ) was Actually 3x ( M4A1-S Atomic Alloy ) But I only received one !!!

also the other evidence is that the order consumed 20400 points which are ( 6800 x 3 )

Been waiting to get those 3 M4s and gift them to my brothers, now am stuck xD

kindly look into it =)) and thanks alott

And Here Today I accepted the offer Thinking That Multiple Weapons Of same Kind stack so i would get the 3 even if i dont see 3 ( am noob i know xD )

Please admins i need them fast … there is my brothers birthdays and stuff =(

Come on …

Edit : Added Tags … xD



I appreciate your work admins and I know you have more important things to do, b…b…but :frowning:

Please try to resolve my issue :-):-):slight_smile:

Come on admins … please…i took my time to take screenshot and make everything Clear so you dont get Confused…

= /

Lot of friends there buddy. Must be very popular.

Is your brother in one of the referred friends?

Bot-no Jutsu is countered by ban-no Jutsu.

REally ?? so Giving my Referal link to my University Gaming Community with hundreds of people is a Crime ?? I see Thanks …

Sostronk is not known in UAE only VERY few ppl know it … so I Spread it … really nice.

Actually yes he is.