Optic Tryout related query


Hello, I have received email regarding myself being shortlisted for Optic tryouts and asked to come for LAN in bangalore. Due to personal reasons, I am trying to come to Bangalore for tryout but it is tough for me to come. I haven’t filled the form in response to the shortlist yet because I want to know whether If I am not able to come to Bangalore; Am I out of the Shortlist? Or there is a way via online tryout? India is a big country and I dont think all the gamers across the nation may be able to come to Bangalore. If there is a way then let me know asap pls and after it I’ll fill the form. Please help.


Hello NoX,

LAN Tryouts are essential to selecting the final 5. This is why we have sent out the availability+contact form to the first shortlist of 160~ people. Based on availability we are going to shortlist further today and then do the final shortlist that will be announced tomorrow on sostronk.com/optic.

There is no online tryout.