One last minor problem in UAE PING

Hello Staffs of SoStronk!

Recently I’ve opened a big topic about the pings in UAE and alot of people supported and agreed! Now I’ve seen that you guys worked on everything and the ping has gone from 700 to 110 but still , it used to be around 35-40 so if you guys can do anything to make the ping go back to what they were :smiley: Thanks in advance!

Edit: Im talking about MUMBAI servers

Hey Dubskeeto1,

i am also from UAE and as u said the ping was 35-45 like 3 days ago, i dont know what is going on.

but i guess they are working on it :slight_smile:

Hey bro! I wanna try and play with you:

Add: and

Not sure how you guys were getting such low pings to Mumbai from UAE. I’m in Dubai and I’ve always gotten pings of 100+

As an average my ping was around the 120 ms mark which is why I gave up. Same like FaceIT. We UAE people are cursed with these pings apart from MM we have no options :frowning:

Im 100% sure me an 3 other guys used to get 39 ms last week and this week everything just went out of proportion !

hi till yesterday i play wit 47ms, today Mumbai 1 is high to 160 ping

i am really not sure what is going on here

Any luck with this? Bump! I am in Dubai and my ping to any and all servers is 120ms+

On a sidenote - its 40ms ping to Mumbai servers now from Dubai. w00t!