Odin Turned Off?


i am able to play PUG’s without having Odin Turned On i start csgo first and sstk later it doesn’t show the error it used to show and can’t see the client on my screen, demos not getting saved is this hacker feast ???



Odin is not black-n-white mandatory. A player will be kicked from servers if our server-side has marked you suspect (which can happen due to multiple reasons).


it was never mandatory ?


It was never mandatory for 100% player population.


ok my bad then i didn’t knew that it wasn’t mandatory for all hopefully it works on player report basses.
also just want to shed some light on the overtime trick where players reconnect or change teams (spectators) to regain all lost money. thanks


Report count is one of the criteria that decides suspects. There are more.

Yes we are aware of this bug and are attempting a fix.