Now Facing Heavy Losses. Net is running fine. Please Help

Suddenly, since yesterday facing heavy constant losses. around 20-30% please help

Can you give the IP of the server where you were getting losses?

what seems to be the problem now?

Your ISP and its routing. Before its even reaching our server, its giving you losses. Send the 4 IPs to your ISP and tell them to fix the routing to it if they understand what it means.

Only your ISP can fix this.

how come it’s suddenly happening? it was perfectly fine till yesterday morning.

Its not suddenly happening. Been happening to us since last week. We at SoStronk are ACT Internet users and our losses are insane to SG servers upwards of 70%. It happens at the whim of the ISP.

Its usually is fixed by a VPN that offers a different routing as opposed to our ISP until the ISP fixes its shit.