Not receiving password reset email


I have tried to reset my password but after entering my alias or my password im not receiving any mail to reset my password as a result im not able to login in the app. Please help.


Did you check your spam folder? Hotmail is sometimes too aggressive in qualifying emails as such. If you can’t find it there, let me know and I’ll ask the support folks to send you an email manually.


No i have not received the mail . I checked my spam as well as the other folders still no mail . Please help. Thank you.


Hey i just logged in Hotmail through my pc and I received the mail . Sorry for the inconvenience . Thank you so much for your help.


Oh cool, have fun! (although i’m curious what was wrong, you were checking some other mailbox?)


I was checking the spam box from my cell and it was not showing any mails from sostronk. My friend recmmnd me to access the spam box from pc and I received the mail from sostronk. Sorry for the inconvenience and Thank you for your help.


Ah! Just Hotmail things then :stuck_out_tongue: