Not getting play match

So i am searching for 20+ mns as u can see still not getting the match…and some people who just finished a play match immediatly got another match…how is this possible…last time i posted something like this…some admin tld me that sstk uses time duration of players in search to find who is searching for longest duration to get them the match…i guess this is not true…can anyone tell me why i m not getting matches fast like the otherss and have to wait so long…Coz i dnt want o waste time !!

It can happen because the other 10 people who got a match had similar ping, map preference and IR.

That is not true at all, however it is something we want to implement so that people got get stuck in queue for a long time like you. For example, there have been days where I was searching for 1hr+ but never got matches because my parameters were too different.

Can you find me the post please? It’ll help us to take care that we don’t accidentally convey misinformation if that is what happened.

tl;dr: Play is not perfect, esp when not enough people are searching. We are working hard on improving it, once we have ranks we will also introduce what you talked about - people searching for longer time will be given preference and will be given a match even if its very different from their skill level.