Not able to install Sostronk!


Hi , I am not able to install Sostronk app and getting an error . I have attached the error pic .


Can you paste a screenshot of the “G:\Users\gg\AppData\Local\SoStronk” folder? Also a screenshot of the Properties of SoStronk.exe


Its working now ,My antivirus was blocking it.

Thank you .


Hmm, what antivirus are you using? Want to know more to figure out why it would be causing a problem with SoStronk.


I think my Pc was infected with malware and now I have formatted it and have also installed a new copy of cs go . Now everything is good


Ah ok, cool.


Not able to install Sostronk app! tried many time but cant fix this problem! help pls


What is the error you get?


hey… can u guys send me the link of sostronk offline installer?



Are you having trouble with the online installer? If yes, can take screenshots of the error and the text in “Show Details” in the installer?


hey please help me to install sostronk i cant download it


the page is not just loading … no results


Which page is this? ?