No verification email received!


While registering the Alias I gave my email id as I haven’t received any verification email , I checked my junk trash folder every possible folder but still I dont see any verification email . When I am trying to make new alias with same email address and steam id I get message as “Cannot connect with the steam account. Its already linked to another user.” Please help me out :smile:


Hi, I believe you were successful in verifying your email as I see its marked verified in our system. Are you able to login using that account now?


Hello , Actually the Alias is “Fr” , I had to create new alias again for reporting this issue to you guys .
It says that The Email address is not verified please check the mail , but I haven’t got any mail from sostronk.


Hey, apologies for being afk for that long. Have you tried ?


brother please help me out , I am logged in with my id tigerK , but when i update my account by clicking connect with steam it says its already in use .


When I click login with steam and after entering my steam login details I get a message as “Your email address has not been verified, please check your inbox for a validation email from us.” But I have not received any mail from sostronk And when I try to change the email and create a new alias then it says steam id already in use … Please help me dude its been a month I have not got a proper resolution to this issue. :expressionless:


Can you post your steam profile link?


This is my steam id link - , it always says it has been linked to some other account.


This steam ID is connected to the SoStronk account with alias Fr (which has email and has not been verified).


Yes . But I never got an email from sostronk for verification , please help me it’s been a month .


Can you please send the verification email to my mail , so that I can activate my account asap.



you can use the “need help” option on the login page to resend verification email.

Make sure to use the correct email though, given that you have created multiple accounts. As I reported earlier, the one with a valid steam ID connected is, make sure you have access to that email account. (note 47, not 447 as you mentioned in the first post)


Oh my gawd , finally I understood the problem , the email that I have given mistakenly while creating the account was maybe , but actually my email id is … can you please resend the verification link to my or is there any alternate that can help me out .


Hey , Can u please delete all of my accounts on sostronk so that I can create a new one with my steam id , If possible can u please send verification link for my main alias Fr on my actual email account



Here’s the easiest solution to fix the messup-

  1. Add on Steam to verify you are the owner of the Steam ID 76561198052612503
  2. Once that is done, I will disconnect that Steam ID from the wrong account (the 47 one)
  3. Go to and ask for a verification link resend for
  4. Connect your Steam ID to this correct account.


Added you , my steam name is tigerk and the link for the id is


Done, I have disconnected the Steam ID from