No server for our match?


Waiting for 40mins for our server to pop up, wargods vs rhd.


Hi, its already up


thanks, but can we have a new server? we got 200+ ping on this sg server


The ping is fine on the other singapore servers here on sostronk, we have 200+ ping on singapore 3 atm.


^ @Nemz @Thunderblade


We have better ping on Singapore server than this one (Singapore 3) please? We are up against 5 ppl with 5 ping - and we currently have 200ping on this server


10mins til the ready queue expires, any help please? admins?


@ReJECK Ready up and continue playing on the current server, an admin will decide and rehost your server another location if he can.


He replied already on the facebook, we are just waiting for his reply for the ip. Thanks for the replies here.