No Mac Support?

I play games on my Mac, It would be great if there was SoStronk app Mac version as well.


Sorry for the late reply. We didn’t really focus on Mac App as most of the gamers use Windows Platform. That being said, work on Mac app is in progress and will be out soon.

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Thanks… :smiley: Waiting eagerly :slight_smile:

I can be a beta tester for the mac app as well, if theres a requirement for that.

Lol we all use MBPs here :stuck_out_tongue:

Is the Mac Ap out , yet ? :v:

We are using it internally but there is still some time before we release a public installer.

Should come out faster now. Am putting extra pressure on shaan by giving him a Mac build box.

Can you give us a rough idea about the release date for the mac version of sostronk app?

Wait is killing me. If you guys are using it internally why not release a beta at least. :pray: I don’t even get a match on steam Indian servers these days. :’( Sostronk is my only hope :bow:

Guess what? We received our Mac on the cloud to do automated builds yesterday! So, the wait is almost over :smile:

P.S. Do you seriously play on OSX though? Doesn’t mouse acceleration and stuff screw up with CS:GO ?

Mouse acc. can be killed easily :wink:

No updates ? :weary:

We have a internal build. After a bit of polish, we will allow everyone to download it

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i need to download the app for the upcoming tournament but its not supported for os x… does that mean i can’t join?


Though we have internal testing builds for Mac, we cannot guarantee that it will work fine and won’t crash in the middle of the game etc. So, we recommend that you use a Windows PC to use SoStronk.

SoStronk, App is out? If yes, could you please give us all the link.


If you’re talking about the Mac app, no we have not yet released a public installer.

When it will be released? It’s been too long now…

any updates?