No Elo/Ranking shown to know if we are close to that rank

I was wondering on how to know if we are close to ranking up or deranking.I was wondering if the ranking system is broken or not since theres no post about this topic yet

its broken


We do not show the Glicko2 rating numbers to players as of now. There is no guarantee that winning N games will rank you up. The amount of rating increase depends on who you won against.
In your case, you were in the initial ranges for King Cobra on 30th November and are near the end of the range. Few more wins should rank you up to Bronze Badger (the actual count depends on the ranks of the people you won against).

We use the standard Glicko2 rating algorithm which is widely accepted in sports. I really doubt thats broken :wink: /cc @VjPower

The ranking system should be a little more dynamic I think. Me and my friends have been king cobras for ages. More so, a proper ranking system should display the skill level of a player and not the amount of games won in a row (My Opinion). Even highly skilled players are silver serpents. @shaan7

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This is very true haha

Even highly skilled players are silver serpents.

@VjPower @shaan7

Incorrect. You were Bronze Badger multiple times-
2017-10-18 (23:24:27.633) IST
2017-09-20 (21:09:38.566) IST to 2017-09-28 (17:41:56.237) IST

even Silver Badger on 2017-08-13 (21:08:58.678) IST

Um we don’t display the amount of games won in a row. I’ll repeat again, what matters in Glicko2 for your rating change is two things-

  1. Did you win/draw (increases rating) or did you lose (decreases rating)?
  2. Who were your opponents? (if you lose against better players you lose smaller rating, if you lose against players with lower ranks your rating will drop a lot.)

So if you’re extremely good, you can rank up with just a few games…

Can you link me to few examples? I’d like to check their logs and check for bugs, just in case.

Additionally, one change that will be coming in the future is to consider a player’s IR to influence rating changes. We’ll work on it once we’re done with the anticheat.

Yes, I ranked up a few times because at that time I always played with a good lobby with skilled players. I used to have winning streaks of 8-10 games. A solo player whose losses and wins keep fluctuating wont be able to rank up easily.

These are a some players-

There would be more if you had not gifted most next players with free pug master ranks. :stuck_out_tongue:

A player might lose a game with 2 IR and another player might win a game with 0.5
But which do you think deserves a rank up?

I assume you read this already? :slight_smile:

Can you link someone who is not Next? Next players rarely play standard PUGs and hence their rank never changes.

Yes, everyone in Next who has never played a Standard PUG starts from PUG Master. From there they will rank down if they play Standard PUGs and lose.

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