New way to grief/cheat


Hey Guys,

Just wanted to let you know that there is a new fad going around in random pugs where people are having their lannies join the opposing team and throw as well as ghost off of them.
One of the main culprits is mousetracker.teletuby ( who is rank 7 on the silver leader-board as of now.
Don’t know yet if the other people on his team were part of it or not (maybe same cafe).
Hoping that cheating/griefing bans are handed out soon and at the least, these people are not promoted to the Gold leader-board.

Cybercafe account - user/crossfiregamezone
Pug link -


Any idea how? The PUG matchmaking won’t let them choose a side manually. So they really need to get lucky for this to work.


Ahh, sorry I was not more clear @shaan7
It is when one of the members of the opposite team abandons due to some reason which, regrettably, happens quite often.
As you can see, in the given pug 6 or 7 rounds in, ghost21 abandoned due to some issues.
So the cafe account joined and started throwing as well as ghosting (you can see from Atankwadi’s aim and Spawn’s calling). We were 7-1 up to 16-7 loss :slight_smile:


Keeps changing his name and link. Silver leader-board rank 4 now.
Also, just to be clear, doing this to farm IR even in one odd match, should attract some kind of ban and a kick from the leader-board, right?


@akS @bleh ^ can you guys take a look?