New updates of anticheat sucks

new updates of anticheat sucks i cant start my game when the anticheat is on pls fix i dont want waste money on this pls

It won’t be perfect on first launch, however as opposed to EAC and Odin the success rate is much higher. We will be adding continuous updates for as long as we can till we make it stable.

I will be more than happy to help or issue a refund if I am unable to.

To start off - Refer to this guide -

If your problem is not described on that page. Please explain exactly whats happening so that I can help.

i cant start cs:go when i am running anti-cheat unable to start user services showing and then when i try to like glitch the game to run and anti-cheat at the same time i cant join the game and then i try to troubleshoot it shows akros anti-cheat service is not running

Troubleshooting Anticheat Issues - Announcements - SoStronk Talk

Please check this guide to help you with your error.