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So yes i agree sostronk are better then CS GO MM…But today in morning i wanted to play in SoStronk but there were only DM Servers and now there 1 PUG thing like compi…How do i know when does PUG server shows up?

And yesterday night there were like 3-4 PUG server…Now only 1 why??

I am new here sorry…


Hey Sky,

Welcome!! When you launch the SoStronk app, you have filters (small boxes, just above where all the servers are displayed). You can select Pug from there and it will show all the ongoing pugs and yeah do not forget to keep refreshing the server list by clicking on the refresh button on the same level to know the live status.



Also to reply to your confusion why the number of PUG servers reduced. The servers are only launched when you either create one, or people are searching on PLAY and a match is found for them.

IF there are no players online or playing (like very late at night) you won’t see any servers. But you can create your own from the WIZARD and invite your friends or wait for it to fill up.