New here - Can you PUG here || Solo queue's?


Hi Guys,

Someone told me about sostronk and came around. I was wondering if we have pugs here where I could jump in to a competitive game and play with people who won’t be too critical as I’m still climbing that learning curve.

From what I’ve seen everything revolves around planned games and no matchmaking. Am I missing something?


As of today, you are correct. SoStronk PUGs are unranked. We are rolling out a ping and map preference based party feature very soon, and ranked matchmaking just after that.


Aight, do check the possibility of UAE as one of your locations as we have a ton of Indians this side of town and uhm, if not Indians; asians as a whole. You can even premium up for a good price. FaceIT and all its elder brothers are based out of EU/NA and is no good.


Sorry for picking up an old thread. Any updates on PUG’s considering impact rating? :slight_smile: