New features like surrender and chat ban if possible


please add features like surrender : after 15 rounds and vote to chatban(or chat delay) some1 who is messing with opponents or telling opponents about the position of teammates.

vote surrender is there in other community servers so please implement it here too and i don’t know about the chatban or delayed chat is possible to implement in our servers but it will be great if possible.

thaks for servers and thanks for reading too :wink:


Hello @Kick4ss

Surrender is something which we have in our pipeline, just that some other features take priority for now. But rest assured, it will be implemented as soon as feasible.

For all talk chat delay, that’s something the game won’t allow us to do, nor something which we feel would be a good solution for the issue you mentioned. Best option is to play with your friends to avoid such griefers. If you’re forever alone, add @shaan7 or @powar, they play 24/7 :>


thanks for reply
it was nice to know that its not possible to delay chat from game side(valve)
and I am not alone its just that i want to play with random people so i can improve my tolerance level when i play with lower level players and if high level players come in my team then i can improve too

I will add em anyways

1 more thing i noticed today that there was 1 player in my team had high pings (200-250+) but he refused to leave game(he dont wanted to play either) because he was afraid to get cool-down and he was asking to kick him but none of our team has that power(vote kick was used recently) so if it possible to auto-kick constant high-pingers
i.e if a player has high pings for more than 5 - 7 mins then he should get auto-kicked by sv. or anything like that
once again thanks for reply


That’s a good suggestion. Something we had forgotten about. Having a ping limit will be implemented down the line.


I am kinda 5 days late but I have a solution where none of the teammate have vote “.kick” left for the day and everyone in the team wants to kick a player including the player himself, then the player himself can vote .kick himself maybe, if possible. And this vote will be similar to votekick except that it would require 5 votes instead of 4 (counting voters call as a vote). This vote can also be restricted to 1 or 2 because you know exploiters will exploit :stuck_out_tongue: .



Ping limit please :sleepy: :pray: