New accounts entering sostronk and griefing
Guy named xON extremely fishy, 1.9hrs on record, making his teammate join opponent and ghosting.
We realized later that his teammate aka friend SANQUAKE is ghosting so we kicked him. Later in the last round when it was 1v5 eventually we all left. This team tried to get all of us cooldown and eventually was throwing the round deliberately to get us cool down. Hoping to see a strict action taken against them.

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Being present in this PUG game, I agree totally with LunatiK.
Lot of smurfs are entering SoStronk these days, I have no clue why. Steam level 1, 2 hours on record, Limited profiles. You ask them why, they’d say “LMAO VAC BUNNED”. It’s not funny, actually.
What’s even more disgusting is when you push a teammate into the opponents who spams shit like: “You know it’s cold outside when you go outside and feel cold.” and ghost the positions of your teammates to your clanmates.
I, myself, only get to play 2-3 PUGs a day, and if this is the standard that SoStronk has stooped down to, then it is a shame.
Taking action against these type of people is super-meaningless because they’ll buy 10 more smurfs. “Tum ban karte karte thak jaaoge, hum account kharidte kharidte thakenge nahi”

Just wanted to spit out the stress, nothing personal, TEAM Exaclibers. :slight_smile:

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I was in the PUG myself but I didn’t realise what was happening because I wasn’t the primary target of this. When I completely realised the situation it was the last round too.
They threw the last round 1v4 because my teammates had left and they wanted them to get cooldowns. They were constantly nading off-angles and were very suspicious on their site takes. The only thing I want to ask them is what is the fun in playing in such a manner. I wish the Sostronk community collectively works towards reporting such smurfs and griefers and make this forum a worthwhile place to be.
WE need to give our feedback towards such players and make this community a better one.

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We are unable to review more cases as of now. To prevent abuse, vote kicks have been disabled until further notice.

Wow , alright , I can explain what happened . Me and my team went to a cyber cafe to practice for a tournament we were going to attend , BMS UTSAV (which we won and have proof) , and we experienced a power cut. This caused my teammate xON (or) Aditya to have a 1 day ban . We still had 4 hrs left to practice and he had another account. So , he decided to use that account so we can play , and before you say some shit like Sanquake was ghosting , we are not 8 year olds who want to be dicks , we are mature adults who play fair . Plus , who tf will care enough to ghost in a god damn pug , like srsly , what do u think we will achieve?? I find it really disturbing that I am having to explain this to somebody of your stature

Plus , grow a pair of balls and end the game , dont quit and give some bullshit reason to get us in any issue . The kid in your team named Vortex had more balls than you to stay and finish what he started . Just cause you have a bad game or lesser skill ( no offence in any way ) , dont mess with others :slight_smile:

one last thing , sanquake was not present with us in the cafe as he lived far away , he has ACT Fibernet that allows him to get 5 ping , even i do , pls act like adults in the future :slight_smile:

oy shit lunatic if you don’t know to play stop giving reasons and quitting out of these matches…such a noob…by the way noone was ghosting we were playing from cafe and theres no reason to get calls for lan player that to for a lan team…noob…learn to play