Need server selector like on

For a few days now I only get Mumbai servers where my ping is a little more than 100. I have to play against players with 5 ping and it’s really annoying. I would like to know why am I being put in Mumbai servers even though the app shows that my ping in SG is 80 (although in game it is usually not more than 60 as I have played on sostronk sg servers before). I would really like the app to put players in servers based on the lowest ping at the time of searching for a match. This would not create a scenario such as mine where I have to fight with 100 ping against 5 ping and hear non-sense from Indian players saying I play shit. They have no brains I guess. How the fuck am I supposed to play well with 100 ping when opponents usually have at least two players with 5 ping in Mumbai servers. Please fix this asap.

@shaan7 ^^

We’re working on adding a max ping selector and it will be out some time next month.

You can now set the max ping that you will get in PUG matchmaking, see the announcement here