Need my SoStronk account deleted

I need my account deleted, I dont use this site anymore but sill get emails.


Unfortunately we don’t have a way to delete accounts. Note that you can use the Unsubscribe link in the bottom of promotional emails to opt-out. Do let me know if you find that option missing somewhere and I’ll fix it.

I don’t think it’s that complicated to delete someone’s account if requested. If a user wants their account and all data deleted, you must be able to do it.

who do I have to email to get this process started?

Its a limitation of the system as we didn’t realize deletion will ever be required. Right now if I go ahead and delete your account directly from the database, it might have unintended consequences because the rest of the system can have references to your user ID.
As a workaround, we can, in effect “deactivate” your account by resetting things like your alias, email etc (but not Steam ID). Let me know if you’d like that.

As of now “the process” doesn’t exist, because as I said, it is not supported.