My pug didnt get recorded


I played a pug on 27th july around 12-1 AM on cache in which i did an ace clutch in the last round, but i cannot find this pug in my sostronk pug history, this pug is neither available on the ids of the guys who played in that pug.

Devs please find that pug for me please :frowning:


@ServerGuy ^


Can you help me with some details.

  • Did you finish the PUG? (meaning played the entire game)
  • Was the score bot working throughout the game?
  • If possible can you share the user profile links of others who were part of that game?

  1. Yes i finished the pug, it ended 16-14 in my teams favor.
    2.Yes everything was fine, scores were getting recorded.
    3.I dont actually remember, my friend played in the opposite team so i remember him being there.