Mumbai server ping so HIGH


I m unable to play games in sostronk. I m in Singapore.

1 . When i get a game by Sostronk matchmaking, i end up mostly in mumbai server, for which my ping is 150. I never get any game in singapore or jakarta.

  1. Even if i create a server in Singapore, i wait for players for a long time then out of frustration, i just leave the server and let it shutdown.

BTW my internet speed is 200mbps. and this bandwidth is not shared but dedicated bandwidth.

When i thought of 3rd party to play, I chose sostronk out of feeling to support indian stratups and immediately bought lifetime membership without a second thought, now I m starting to get some.

Please fix this.


My Current ping status is as attached, Bangalore which is closer by geography has worse ping than mumbai, by which i can say mumbai has the gateway for ur network for India servers.

My advice please add more gateways/routers to support direct routes to reduce latency than the calculated routes.

Our Mumbai and Bangalore datacenters are from different companies, we don’t deliberately route traffic to Bangalore through Mumbai. I have written a guide here which can help you do a trace High ping? Loss? Find out where the problem is

As for activity in Singapore, yes we don’t have a lot of active users. We’re working on two big features which should make others like you try SoStronk and prefer playing on our platform.

Thanks for supporting us!