Mumbai 1 Server problem - Please Help <3


Hello people,

thank you for the app thats the only thing i do to play CSGO :slight_smile:

however, as i am in Dubai … i can play Mumbai 1 or Banglore 1 which 60ping or less

but now Mumbai 1 is more than 140 and yesterday i played a game with 45ms only.

does Mumbai 1 servers have unstable ping?


find the trace, please reply and help - My iP:

Mumbai 1 (it was 45 max other days):

Mumbai 1 (another IP):

banglore 1 (it was always this ping 60 something):

though to put two just to see the different, as i can’t read these numbers xD


ok now today the server is 42 ping, i took one IP and i did the test maybe it will help you for future.