Mouse Sensi changes when I play SSTK "Play" function


My in-game sensi is set to 2.
My DPI is set to 500.
144hz monitor.
270-300 fps on everything high.
1024x768 reso.
all sorts of mouse accl set to 0
raw input set to 1

When playing on Valve severs (doesnt matter if its dm or mm or any other mode) my mouse movement is smooth and “normal” as to what I am used to - even on community 128tick retake servers. It basically behaves as it is supposed to with 500 dpi and 2 ingame sensi.

BUT when I play on SSTK 128tick matches (the ones we get by clicking on “PUG beta”) my mouse goes crazy ingame…it legit feels like its on 800+ dpi or a sensi higher than 4. I checked my ingame mouse sensi and my dpi…it wasnt changed…restarted game and did all the usual stuff to try and fix it. but it didnt help.
the thing is that when I play on community 128tick this mouse sensi going bat shit crazy scene doesnt happen…so i wondered if its only sstk where im having trouble…so i tried joining sstk dm and there it was all fine…after that i got sstk match and BOOM! mouse sensi back to bat shit crazy :frowning:

my mouse sensi only goes crazy when playing sstk PUG beta matches :frowning:

NOTE: this wasnt happening last week :confused: i have been offline for a week or 2. before that everything was fine…today i started playing and faced this problem…please help me solve this :disappointed_relieved: