Monthly Games count/IR update bug/mistake

So, this is a problem i have been noticing from sometime now, i notified shaan on steam today about it and he told me to copy the exact thing i told him and put it down here as someone else works on stats.
Here’s it:
“another thing i wanted to bring into notice was… since the start of this monthly ir calculations… the games played under rankings are always shown as 2 less than the actual games played in the month. e.g. i have played 66 games in this month but it shows 64 and the ir also updates accordingly…the last 2 games played are only updated once u play 2 more games after that… and hence the new last 2 games played are not updated in monthly games count or IR.”

At the time of this writing i had played 66 pugs in november but it showed 64. and its always like this. been noticing this from 2 months now.


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@HBK1 the games played are updated on an hourly basis. So as soon as you finish your game, you might not see that game counted on the leaderboard. Also once the new leaderboard is decided, all the games for that month wrt UTC time are considered. Don’t need to worry about games not being counted.

@ServerGuy I guess i have played 70 games… its been more than 12 hours and 1 day in terms of date … it still shows 68 games on the ranks…thats what i was telling… but if u want to keep a black eye on this. no issues.

last 2 games are always updated once u play 2 more games… and in the process the new 2 games r not updated… even if 1 hour passes or more than a day passes. i hope u get the bug in d system. cheers.

Lol. We definitely don’t want to keep a “black eye” on all issues. Prioritisation is tough when you have 1000 things to work on :P. Thanks for your detailed inspection. Lemme check about what’s happening. Will respond here if and when we get the bug.

Sure. :]