Matchmaking System


So, id like to get down to point here,

The last 3 days i have played total 10 pugs and the real problem I faced is how I am matches against the top players in ranking and I alone get stuck with players who are too scared to peak and need everything to come to them.
I have lost 7 times in a row simply because I get matched with players who’d rather stay silent than talk or communicate to the least bit.
Now I don know how your system works for matching players, but why isn’t there a system where low ranks are not at all considered to be matched against high tier players.

Worst of all, are players who disconnect mid-game and I understand it may be an issue with power cuts/nets , I wont be complaining towards that subject
My only concern is why your MatchMaking system randomly matches players in a last resort without considering their rank , that whole game becomes a drama and my head has been hurting alot without playing with decent enough players.


See Plz fix matchmaking and ranking system

If we put a hard restriction on never matching low with high ranks, its possible for the queue size to increase, which in turn (due to algorithmic complexity) increases the time taken to perform matchmaking. If that time becomes too large (more than 30-40s), there is a high chance of us finding a match for someone who stopped searching (you must’ve seen such messages in the chat area). This creates a snowball effect which ultimately means no matches for anyone.
The other reason we cannot wait a long time is that according to our analytics, players stop searching after an average of 4 minutes. This means that if we take too long to find a match, players might leave the queue (and hence decrease the rank variety even more).

Cooldowns take care of most of these cases. Chronic leavers are kept out of the system for 3 days (1 day if a subscriber).

Well, its not really “random”. As explained in the link above, it is done carefully, one rank at a time.

We are working on performance improvements for the matchmaking algorithm itself, this will allow us to hold players in the queue longer to increase the quality.

Even then, what will really improve your matchmaking experience is the variety of players in the queue. So go on, refer your friends, encourage to PUG on SoStronk!