Matchmaking is not fair


matchmaking is so unfair please fix it
atleast make sure that both the team have equal lvl players
as its very hard to communicate with them and teach them every thing
in i will focus on my game manage them its hard and opponents not serpents also they are bager and silver bager very high level gamer form the other team



The MM system already tries to balance as you have mentioned. However, it has to do that with restrictions (for example it can’t move people around from the same party, etc) and it has to work with players available in the queue. Due to this, all the system can do is make its best effort to balance (for example it balances ranks, it avoids giving 3/4/5-man stacks games with solos/duos etc for as late as possible).


i understand but continuously its the reason for derank and currently in leaderboard i m in 1-4 loss.
After playing for a month trying everygame very hard i get rank up and within 4-5 games i get deranked again dude to low ranks players in my team.
they dont listen to calls also and some of them just start abusing in-game and spoil ur mood of playing even