Making a room and play 10-man match without playing


So I want to organize some small tournament in my area, and I wonder if SoStronk can support things like this:

  • 1 account makes a competitive room
  • Then 2 5-man premade teams joined the room and playing without the account that made the room
    Can it be like that? If so, help me.


Hi Rareguy,

You have two options -

Use Scrim

Create two teams on SoStronk, add the members to it. Open SoStronk app, click Wizard > Scrim > Select map and Location and Launch.

1 Scrim per day for Free Users
Unlimited Scrims for Subscribers

Use Custom

No need to create teams. Click the Custom button on SoStronk App, invite the rest of the 9 players, select the map and location and Launch.

Only available for subscribers.